About Us

Bandong Ryok Taekwondo was established in 2006, with the aim of promoting a fun and friendly way of learning martial arts and self defence.

We teach traditional ITF style Taekwondo, this was the original style taught when Taekwondo was founded. However in recent years it has divided into several different styles including WTF which is the sport version that you see in the Olympics.

Training Principles

The techniques that we teach can be extremely dangerous when performed by untrained or unskilled persons, it is therefore imperative that these techniques are only practiced in the dojang with instruction from a qualified instructor, and only used as self defence when no other alternative is available.

Dojang Etiquette

It is important that each student shows the proper respect for the Dojang and their instructor's.
With this in mind the students are expected to follow some simple guidelines.

All students will :

  1. Arrive in good time for the Lesson.
  2. Ensure that all nails are kept short and any long hair is tied back.
  3. Remove all Jewellery before commencing training. (this includes Wedding bands).
  4. Ensure Mobile phones are turned off before entering the Dojang (Unless agreed with the senior instructor, under special circumstances)
  5. Inform the senior instructor of any injuries/conditions which may affect your training ability.
  6. Bow when entering and leaving the Dojang. (Always facing into the Dojang).
  7. Refer to a Dan grade as Sir.
  8. Bow to a Dan grade after being shown a Technique on a one to one basis.
  9. Bow to a Dan grade after practicing a Technique with a Dan grade.


Bandong Ryok is affiliated to the one of the most prestigious Taekwondo body's in the UK. "Global Taekwondo International" (GTI).

For more information on the GTI go to www.gti-taekwondo.com